About Kasal Apparel


Mission Statement 
Keeping in view the long term success of Kasal Apparel, LLC, we will develop a satisfied customer base. 

Kasal Apparel, will continue to grow by building long-term partnerships. We will be an integrated and strategic partner for the buyer, leading to successful collaboration. 

We are open to our customer’s changing needs and respond in a timely manner. 

At Kasal, it is tradition to focus on quality. The growth of our company will coincide with our ability to provide quality at attractive prices. 

We have an excellent combination of sourcing, production and design capabilities. At Kasal Apparel, our professional attitude as well as a quality product has been our backbone for success. 


• Kasal Apparel has years of experience producing high quality athletic socks for the entire family

• We offer premium sports socks in branded lines and our Pro Zone & Performance athletic labels, as well as private label options
• Our offices and distribution center are conveniently located in central North Carolina
• We can ship using any specific protocols our customers require

Your satisfied customer is our best advertisement!